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Thu Apr 21 15:01:49 BST 2005

Dear All,

The Society Awards are nearly upon us. We are still waiting to confirm the
venue and the date but I thought I would get you started on thinking about

If you would like to be considered for any of the categories set out below
please send me an email justifying / persuading /convincing me why you
should be the winner. Please be VERY aware that a lot of your Events may
have slipped my memory or I might not have had an update on the event to
be able to put you forward. If you want to win, I recommend telling me
why! I will be presenting the nominations to the Sabbatical Team, and from
there the decisions shall be made.

Also, if you think that a member of your committee has made an outstanding
contribution to your society and should be individually honoured then you
can nominate them for an Outstanding Contribution Award. Simple tell me
why. Each certificate will be presented with a reference / justification
on the back. So please be sure to tell me everything.

Here are the categories:

Most consistent -has provided regular activities consistently throughout
the year for the enjoyment of the majority of the society.

Best variety of events – has provided its membership with high quality and
varied event to the enjoyment of its members.

Most Innovative – has used new and interesting ways to promote the society
and attract people to its events and become members.

Best Publicity – in regard to a particular event or the society in general.

Best New Society – has developed to a high standard having started up
since March 2003.

Most Improved – has shown remarkable improvement in contrast to the
previous academic year.

Best Social Event – created a well publicised and well attended social
event using creativity and effort

Best Educational Event – has educated its membership body effectively in
regards to it subject area at a well attended and well publicised event.

Best society – has performed consistently throughout the year building on
past successes, taking risks and providing its members with a variety of
high standard, well attended events or activities.

Most supportive – has made an invaluable contribution to a minority group
within the community by providing supportive, friendly and welcoming

Most efficient –  has run with ease and efficiency without wasting time,
effort or expense.

Best Cultural Event – has introduced members and non-members to their
unique culture through a fun and enjoyable event

Best Website – has used the website to communicate effectively with its
members, keeping it up to date throughout the year and is user friendly.

Best Corporative Link - the coming together of two or more societies to
put on a successful event, working happily together and finalising all
transaction successfully and amicable.

So get think, and get talking.

I'll look forward to hearing from you


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