[All-societies] Follow up of Forum

susdo at sucs.org susdo at sucs.org
Tue Feb 1 09:47:17 GMT 2005

Dear Societies,

Thank you to those who did come last night. I know it was short notice for
most of you so please don't worry about it. Now we have this new email
account provided by SUCS we should be on our way to communicating again.

We decided last night that the fayre to be held in Dining Room C on Friday
will no longer take place but if any Society would like to host a stall
down in Fulton House Foyer (outside the Kopy Shop) they would be more than

We have space for at least 5 Societies per day. So if you would like to be
one of those Societies this week please email me and let me know.

Its a good way of attracting new members or publicising an event you have
coming up.

I am sorry for all the mix up with communication. Its a shame the Soc Fest
will not be anything like what it could have been.

Please be aware that the new training course dates are now available.
Visit www.society.swan.ac.uk and drop me an email if you would like to
sign up.

Hope to see you all soon. Feel free to drop in for a chat.


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