[All-societies] Union 'i'm still cool campaign' (corrected message)

Ele Hicks skwiggle5 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 3 18:47:06 GMT 2005

Hi everyone
The Student's Union is running an 'i'm still cool' campaign (aka we believe 
in equality) on
the week beginning 21st February.  We are looking for disabled students, 
LGBT students, black and ethnic minorities, international students, and 
students with faith (i.e. jewish, islamic, Christian etc.) to get involved 
in the campaign.  Basically the idea is for all liberation campaigns to work 
together to promote equality and decrease discrimination on campus through a 
variety of methods, including running workshops, talks, debates etc. as well 
as people helping with petitions, handing out leaflets and wearing i'm still 
cool t-shirts.

If any society involved in those areas, or with students who fall under 
those areas would like to run any events, encourage their members to get 
involved and/or have any ideas for wording and ideas for a 
anti-discrimination leaflet then please contact me on 161636 at swan.ac.uk

Any society not involved in liberation campaigns that wants to run an event 
or get their members involved in helping, we are looking for debates, 
petitions, people to help with stalls and people to wear 'we belive in 
equality' t-shirts too so ther's plenty to get involved in.

I'd love to see as many societies as possible working together on this 
campaign and getting involved.  It'd be great to work together.

If you want any more information or have and questions or want to help/put 
on an event please email me at 161636 at swan.ac.uk



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