[All-societies] 'i'm still cool' / 'we believe in equality' campaign

Ele Hicks skwiggle5 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 16 19:24:52 GMT 2005

Hi everyone,
The i'm still cool / we believe in equality campaign has been postponed by a 
week to make it bigger and better.  So its now the 28th Feb to the 4th of 
If anyone would like to put on any small 
events/demonstrations/stalls/displays that link in with equality or 
diversity in any way whatsoever then we'd be really grateful for that, and 
it might give your society a boost/help you get more members too!
We're really looking for societies to get involved during the day on the 
Thursday (3rd March), but any other day can be sorted out if you do have 
something you want to do!
Also even if you can't put on anything yourselves we'd be really grateful if 
you could advertise it to your members, possibly hand out the booklets 
explaing the different types of discrimination in your meetings, or 
encourage people to wear T-shirts and/or come to the many events going on 
that week, which will be on the societies website soon.
If you want any more information or want to do anything related to the 
campaign please email me: 161636 at swan.ac.uk

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