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Tue Feb 22 11:48:56 GMT 2005

Dear All,

Please find the minutes from last nights meeting below.

Thanks, Naomi

Society Forum

Monday 21st February 2005, Senior Common Room 5pm

Present: 	Rag: Annie Cottam (treasurer), Becki McKinlay (President), Welsh
Society: Dylan Williams (President),  French: Jennifer Walt (Secretary),
Musicians: Gemma Parsons (President), Irish: Rose Fawbert Mills
(Secretary) Steph Hemms (Treasurer), HEAL: Taj Biran (President), Spanish
+ Crazy: Nathanial Reed (President), Yoga: Marie Mitchel, Lisa Gee, St
Johns Links: Jonathan Steve (President) Natalie Kulppa (Secretary),
Engineering: Chris Light (President), Matthew Fewer (Treasurer), Henry
Bass (Educational),  Islamic: Abdullahi Araso (President) CathSoc: Chris
Beaumont (Treasurer), SUMA: Jessika Venn (Chair)

Apologies:  Dance Society, German, Psychology


1.	Apologies
2.	Review of the start of term
3.	Accessing Finance
4.	Putting up and Making Posters (changes to the system)
5.	Election for new Committees
6.	Working with Porters
7.	Society Awards
8.	Any Other Business

2. Review of start of term
Naomi apologised for the failure of the Societies Festival commenting that
changes to the Union’s email system made it impossible to contact
everyone. Emails went out but were never received. She thanked everyone
who did make a contribution to the week and apologised for the opportunity

3. Accessing Funding
Individual groups discussed the problems found when accessing money and
Naomi introduced a new system that will combat some of the problems, but
not all. She invited everyone to come to speak to her individually if they
have complaints or problems with how the system works.

Naomi announced that there was still £6,500 of the original £10,000 left
in the budget and asked Societies to come forward with proposals for
events that they would like to do. ‘If you don’t get, you don’t receive’
she commented.

All applications should be made with an Event Budget Planner. If you are
unfamiliar with this you should attend Society Basics immediately.

You need to submit all proposals to Naomi and twice a week they will be
reviewed. Answers to proposals will be posted on Naomi’s Office door and
on Chris’s door. Naomi commented she was trying to make sure that you
didn’t have to spend ages looking for her and Chris as she understood
sometimes this was very frustrating.

The new system (described an attached sheets) will attribute a code to
each event allowing the Finance Office to identity costs in relation to
events. All receipts submitted for refund should quote this number.

All Kopy Shop forms are now signed by Naomi.

4. Putting Up Posters

Naomi said that the Estates department are willing to give us more poster
boards if we control the posters we currently put up professionally i.e.
kept them up to date and in poster slots.

The Ents Box Office will now put up all your posters taking the strain off
of you and also saving you money.

You must however follow these requirements:

Notes on Posters:
•	Must have SUSU logo and Student Development Centre (on CDROM)
•	A2 (Portrait Maximum 20)
•	A3 (MUST be landscape, maximum of 20) NO Portrait allowed
•	Flyers A6 (max 250)
•	Support of night in external clubs not advertising regular club nights

5. Elections for new committees

Naomi pointed out that the year will almost be gone and that after Easter
you will be focusing on Exams and if you wanted you society to continue
successfully next year, you will need hold your elections soon.

The Constitution says that you must provide 2 weeks notice by email to
your members. With this in mind you will need to send out notice within
the next week.

Any help required with the election process Dan Hilton and the other
Sabbaticals are very willing to offer you advise.

The new committee will then need to shadow you / work with you until the
exam period. Please ensure that every new committee member has signed up
for Society Basics and you provide them with a good handover so they are
confident in what they are doing.

Naomi asked if you could please introduce them to her and ensure they have
completed a Handover form.

6. Working with Porters

There has been a great deal of issues with room bookings of late either
with over bookings or Fulton House Porters kicking societies out.

As a result Naomi said that she has introduced a form for rooms managed by
the SUSU to give you written proof of your booking.

All societies who have a block booking should ensure that their booking
has been transferred into the diary and that they have a signed form to
show as proof of booking.

If societies clash with bookings, it is the one with the signed form that
gets the room. This should also have authority over the Fulton House

When Booking other rooms please ask Val Bird, Catering or Mark Harvey in
Estates for writing confirmation by either writing a letter or simply
writing in on headed note paper and signing it.

7. Society Awards

A vote was taken on whether the awards should be before the exams or after
but it was decided there weren’t enough people there to make the decision.

It was agreed that Naomi would send out an email so everyone could vote
and show their preference for a £15 a head event or a £5 a head event. She
also pointed out that the sponsorship that paid for last year at the Grand
Theatre was not available this year.

8. Any other business

Dan Hilton announced the SGM on Thursday at 6pm. Could everyone please try
to come along.

Becki from Rag stated that next week (28th Feb – 1st March) it is RAG week
and if any societies would like to do something for the mini carnival on
Wednesday next week to please get in contact with her.
(beckibites at hotmail.com)

Next meeting: 7th March 5pm, Senior Common Room.

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