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Owen Morris treasurer at swansea-union.co.uk
Thu Oct 26 19:05:56 BST 2006

Dear All,


Please forward the relevant information on to your membership


*	Please don’t forget to add my e-mail address to your mailing list if
you have not done so already. This is so that I can keep an eye on your
activities to ensure they are done properly i.e. all necessary forms are
submitted. Such information will be critical when the panel convenes to
decide on who wins what at the societies awards at the end of the year. It
is also vital when considering the insurance cover for your events.


window blinds are down, this means the office is closed, irrespective of
whether it is between the opening hours of 10am to 4pm, or whether you can
see the staff inside. Please accept this to be the situation, and not bang
incessantly on the window as some of you have taken to doing. 


*	To book dining rooms A and B, please contact Val Bird on
v.e.bird at swansea.ac.uk and tell her that you are a society. Val has a list
of all the correctly registered societies to verify your status as an
official SU society and so your ability to use UWS and SU facilities. She
has been asked to send those societies not on the list to see me to talk
about their status. 


*	There will be a top-up fees march in London this Sunday. Your SU is
sending 4 buses leaving Fulton House at 6am Sunday (don’t forget the clocks
go back Saturday night!), which will then be leaving London to return to
Swansea at 6pm. There are only 40 tickets left, and they are available
either from the ENTS Box Office or from your Education Officer, Stuart
‘Chugga’ Jones. Contact Chugga via 01792 295465 or
educationofficer at swansea-union.co.uk. Alternatively you can visit him in his
office on the 3rd floor of the SU building. Tickets cost £5. 


*	And now for a bit of fun

Does anybody out there have any ideas for
songs we can sing on the buses to and from the top-up fees march? Any kind
of fun songs would do, to keep spirits high etc, like the ‘Yogi Bear’ song
(if any of you know that one). I’m trying to organize a song sheet for those
brave enough to volunteer to be on my bus. Cynics, please keep your ‘Wheels
on the bus’ suggestions to yourselves! But seriously, any suggestions are
welcome up until 5pm Saturday afternoon. 


*	The next SGM (Student General Meeting) will be held on November 2nd
at 6pm in Faraday Lecture Theatre ‘A’. May I remind you that it is
compulsory for at least one of your committee members to attend as per the
SU Constitution by which you all abide by as societies. A register will be
taken, and failure to attend will result in an undisclosed fine being
imposed on your society. The attendee may only represent one of the
societies they are involved with if they sit on more than one committee.


Thanks for your attention, 




Owen Morris



Swansea University Students' Union

Singleton Park,




E-mail:  <mailto:treasurer at swansea-union.co.uk>
treasurer at swansea-union.co.uk

Fax: 01792 206029


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