[SUCS] SUCS Newsletter

David 'The Raven' Chisnall theraven at sucs.org
Wed Oct 23 15:49:13 BST 2002

Halloween Party

All SUCS members are invited to this years Halloween party.  The party 
starts at 7pm on 31st October at 56 Gower Road, Sketty (15 mins walk 
through the park from campus).  Entry will cost £2, buffet food and soft 
drinks will be provided. Bring your own alcohol as required. If you are 
feeling adventurous, you can wear fancy dress, although that is 
optional.  (http://sucs.org/~daveb/party.html for a map)

SU Situation

Thank you everyone who replied to the email from the SU Treasurer.  We 
easily got the 50%+1 of the vote we required, so the computers in the 
SUCS room are now owned by SUCS.  Normal service has hence resumed, and 
we will continue to strive to improve the standard of the service we 
offer to our members.

Service Updates
* Remote File Access
As well as being able to access your SUCS files using SCP, we now
support WebDAV (https://sucs.org/cgi-bin/webrfm) so windows users can
connect to their SUCS home directory using web folders, and everyone
else can use their own favourite WebDAV client (or continue to use SCP).  

* More disk space for all
Since a recent generous donation of a new hard disk to SUCS, we are now
allowing 100MB of space per user, rather than the 50MB previously
available.  We do not rigidly enforce this, so short term exceptions 
will be

* Anti-Spam
Your SUCS email now automatically supports Spam Filtering.  To use this
simply instruct your mail client to move mail where the header
'X-Spam-Status' contains the word 'Yes' to a spam folder. While you can
simply delete this mail, it is not recommended, since there may be
occasional false positives.

* Instant Messenging
As you may be aware, there is a Jabber server running on sucs.org.  This
is for the use of all SUCS members, and can be accessed from anywhere
(use gabber from the room).  Due to an incompatibility with the new
glibc, the AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ transports were temporarily  
offline, but this has now been resolved, and clients can use this server
to communicate with people on Jabber, AIM, ICQ or MSN.

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