[SUCS] SUCS account subscriptions

Peter Berry pwb at sucs.org
Fri Dec 5 13:53:59 GMT 2003

For the benefit of those who haven't checked their SUCS account

It is once again time for existing members of SUCS (the Swansea
University Computer Society) to renew their membership. You can do this
by either dropping into the SUCS room (on the ground floor of the
Students' Union building, opposite Fulton House), or e-mailing
join at sucs.org to arrange a time to renew your membership.

Otherwise, your user account on our systems will be removed. This
includes all associated privileges, such as access to the SUCS room and
the guest network. Your email will also be stopped and deleted. We will
start doing this on Monday 8th December, so if you wish to remain a
member of the society, please ensure that you contact us before this

We hope that the you have found your membership of the society useful
and rewarding enough that you remain a member for the coming year.

Peter Berry
<treasurer at sucs.org>

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