[SUCS] Elections

Toby Talbot vortex at sucs.org
Tue Nov 16 12:26:58 GMT 2004

Once again, its time for SUCS to come under new leadership.  Yes it's
election time again.

If there is someone you would like to see on the committee, or you would
like to volunteer yourself, please send an email to vote at sucs.org
stating who you want to nominate and for what post. Candidates must
receive nominations from 2 or more SUCS members to be accepted.

The positions open are:

President: Figurehead of the Society, General administration.
Treasurer:  Dealing with accounts, and general financial administration.
Secretary:  Deals with paperwork, and takes minutes during meetings.
Publicity Officer: Makes posters, and generally publicise the society.

(Note: These positions are Non-Technical)

If there is more than one candidate for each position, it will be taken
to a vote.

All nominations must be submitted by the 30th of November.

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