[SUCS] Games, Pizza and Movies

Stephen Pike stringfellow at sucs.org
Mon Feb 21 10:54:44 GMT 2005

Hello and welcome!
	This email gives you an opportunity to catch up on what the computer
society has been getting up to lately, and for you to send us some feedback.

4th Feb, BZFlag Tournament
Thankfully, the tournament was a success!
We had a day of tank blasting, and it all went well. The winners of the
tournament were as follows:

     1st:    rollercow (Chris Jones) [predictably]
     2nd:    gjaali (Masliza Ali) [who was rather surprised]
     3rd:    welshbyte (Andrew Price) [Your President :-D]

Congrats to them all! The winner received a box of chocolates and the
runners up got a box of creme eggs each.

We will hopefully be holding this tournament, or something similar, more
often and would love to see more of you shy folk turn up.

One fine and miserable Tuesday, Dave A and myself were busy
(/pretending/) to do coursework in the SUCS room till late, and we
thought "It's tuesday.
it's late. We can't be bothered to go and cook... It's Two for Tuesday
(students only (TM)(R)!) Night at Dominos Pizza! ..."
And thus, a legend was born...
So, we now have a sort of impromptu pizza and movie night every Tuesday!
If you wish to join the fun, we will be commandeering the room Tuesday
nights with a good movie and a good pizza (and possibly some good booze
:-P ).

Come along when you like (bear in mind that you may have to order your
own pizza) or log onto milliways, our rather busy chat system (see
http://sucs.org/wiki/milliways ) and ask!

Get the most out of SUCS!
Remember that http://sucs.org has a whole load of howto's, guides and
generally useful bits and bobs (which we may explore in later emails)
and that the room is always open to members, whenever you need a pc.

Placements in Technology!

These friendly folk, Mark Miller and Hedley Skelton, have asked us to 
mention this to our members;

If you have any suggestions or problems, feel free to email
exec at sucs.org or pop into the room and give one of us exec/admin types a
prod! And as we mentioned earlier, feedback is good, it helps us make
stuff better.

Stephen Pike
Swansea University Computer Society Treasurer
stringfellow at sucs.org

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