[SUCS] SUCS Update- Spends Upgrades and Howto's!

Stephen Pike stringfellow at sucs.org
Tue Mar 1 00:43:00 GMT 2005

Dear Member,
	Once again a week has passed, rather too quickly if you ask me! So,
time for another update email...


Very Important!
You will have had an email about this already, but a reminder is always
nice eh?
Monday 7th March, we will be holding our Annual General Meeting
which, as you are probably aware, gives you and us a chance to meet up,
discuss what the Society is doing, where we are going and of course
introduce new ideas from yourselves.
Please come along, if you aren't there, then you can't raise any
points/questions! You know it makes sense.
The AGM will be held in Glyndwr C lecture theatre, beginning at 18:00 on
the 7th March.

Pizza and Movie!

Last week's Pizza and movie was a big success. We watched Monty Python's
Quest for the Holy Grail, which was brilliant. If you haven't seen it
before and didn't turn up, you missed out!
Worry not, this Tuesday (er, today!) we will be showing Monty Python -
The Life of Brian
Usual place- the SUCS room (http://sucs.org/room)
Time - about 7, turn up whenever, or ask on Milliways
Hope to see you there!

New Things

Its that time of year where we will be spending money and upgrading our
systems and introducing some extras...
At the moment, we are looking to upgrade the two slowest machines (Zinc
and Cobalt) with new motherboards and faster processors.
We have very gratefully recieved a motherboard and processor from James
Killick, and a monitor from Toby Talbot. Thankyou very much guys, you
can be assured that they will be put to good use!
We will also be upgrading the memory in 5 of the machines, so they will
run more smoothly.
A couple of other ideas we had, which will be discussed at the AGM are:
- Games server, to allow on-campus gaming (from halls, and GuestNet in SUCS)
- Some speakers, to give us a bit of a lift on those long
coursework-deadline type nights :-S
- Possibly a new scanner, cardreader and webcam (depending on funds)
Let us know if you have any other ideas, or raise them at the AGM. All
contributions welcome - both in suggestions and hardware ;)

We like...

This week, we like:
  - Ubuntu Operating System http://www.ubuntu.com/
  - Monty Python's flying circus
  - The Python Programming language http://www.python.org
  - Spinny chairs and silliness http://sucs.org/~rollercow/silly.avi
  - Jo's unfortunate addiction to mini-eggs

More from SUCS

Currently our website has a Help section:
http://sucs.org/help (predictably!)
Pages are constantly updated, and being worked on in our spare time, so
if something isnt there that you would like to see, just drop us an
email to exec at sucs.org and we will try to see about fixing it for you.
Do remember that anyone can submit material to the website, or indeed
create your own in your userspace. If you want to contribute do not
hesitate! We really want to improve our service to you, but we need you
to help us too.

So, ideas to exec at sucs.org, help is at http://sucs.org/help, and the AGM
is Monday 7th March, Glyndwr C 6pm!

Stephen Pike
Swansea University Computer Society Treasurer
stringfellow at sucs.org

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