[SUCS] New Books

Andrew Price welshbyte at sucs.org
Thu Nov 3 12:58:37 GMT 2005

Dear Computer Society member,

SUCS has recently been donated three brand spanking new copies of 
Programming with Objects and Threads, compiled by Chris Whyley for the 
CS_211 module of the same title (it's a Comp Sci second year module).

The books have been registered in the SUCS library so, as a member, you 
are welcome to loan a copy from us by coming to the room and asking an 
admin member to loan it to you. We're expecting them to be quite popular 
  as the uni library has a limited number of copies, so hurry! First 
come - first served!

Mainly thanks to the Comp Sci dept, the SUCS library has grown 
considerably in the past year and we have books that cover most (if not 
all) relevant areas of the Comp Sci courses. You can find the library 
catalogue at:


Also, may I take this opportunity to remind you that the Computer 
Society will be meeting 1pm tomorrow (and every Friday) at JCs. We hope 
to see you there.


Andrew Price
SUCS President

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