[SUCS] Jabber accounts on the new server

Peter Berry pwb at sucs.org
Sat Aug 12 23:05:16 BST 2006

Hello members,

As you may know, we are in the process of setting up a new computer to act 
as the society's main server. As part of this, we will be using different 
software for our Jabber service which uses the same authentication method 
as most of the other services.

In particular, this means:

* All members will automatically get Jabber accounts - no need to 

* Your Jabber password will be the same as your other passwords, i.e., the 
  one you use to log in to the workstations in the room and check your 
  email. If your client saves your password, remember to change it when 
  you first connect to the new server.

* Non-members will lose their Jabber accounts.

* Any members whose Jabber username is different to their system username 
  will ALSO lose their accounts. E.g., if your email address is 
  johnsmith at sucs.org and your Jabber address is john at sucs.org, you'll lose 
  the latter (but you will automatically get the Jabber address 
  johnsmith at sucs.org).

If the last point will affect you, please send an email to admin at sucs.org 
telling us your system and Jabber usernames and we'll see that your data 
gets transferred to your system username.

Peter Berry, SUCS Ex-Treasurer
<pwb at sucs.org>

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