[SUCS] SUCS Lightning Talks - Wednesday 7th November, 5pm!

James Frost frosty at sucs.org
Thu Nov 1 17:11:54 GMT 2007


The next SUCS Talks will be taking place next Wednesday, 7th November,
at 5pm in the Robert Recorde room in the Computer Science department,
in the Faraday tower. If you don't know how to get there, some of us
will be gathering in the SUCS room beforehand, so we can wander over
together. :-)

A SUCS Talks evening is a fantastic way to spend time with your fellow
SUCS members, and learn from them/impart your knowledge to them/both.
Any SUCS member can do a 10 minute talk on a geeky/computer-related
topic of their choice. Please come along! For a flavour of previous
talks, please visit: http://sucs.org/Community/Talks (I'm afraid the
second lot of talks still aren't online as of writing, as I still
haven't got round to editing/uploading them).

As for speakers, the current list is as follows:
- James Frost (frosty)
- Andy Price (welshbyte)
- Chris Elsmore (elsmorian)
- Sean Handley (talyn256)
- Chris Jones (rollercow)

Nobody has confirmed their topics yet, so it should all be a nice
surprise. Take a look at the old talks
(http://sucs.org/Community/Talks for the first session, and
http://sucs.org/uri/2T for the second) for an idea of previous talk
topics. And it's still not too late to take part - in fact, we need
more speakers! If you have an idea for something you might like to
talk about, e-mail us at exec at sucs.org and let us know! SUCS Talks are
a great way to practice public speaking, among friends in an informal
atmosphere. We'd especially like to see some brave first years give it
a go!

Thanks, and hope to see you there,


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