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Chris Melvin (Foshjedi2004) foshjedi2004 at SUCS.org
Wed Feb 25 17:01:03 GMT 2009

Hey All

As you may or may not know the Comic Book Adaptation Film "Watchmen" is
coming out in March. When we go to the cinema we'll be able to go in at a
discounted rate (the total amount of discount is about £45). So the more
people who come, the higher the cost for everyone.  As it stands, it seems
that the turnout will be about 15-30 people, meaning people going in at
approximately £3.50 each at the most.  This discount is dependent however on
us letting the cinema know within the next few weeks how many people are
If the film is still selling out by the 20th then we can either go in with
no discount or we can change the date(though its unlikely that it'll sell
out longer then 2 weeks after its released).  The date this night is
happening is the last day of term - 20th March.
Hopefully afterwards if anyone is up for it we could go out for drinks and
discuss the pros and cons of the film or just generally chill out and
discuss anything.

If you could reply to this mail if you plan to attend that'd be great.
Guests are welcome as long as you can tell us how many you plan on bringing.

Hope to hear back from you soon :)

Chris Melvin
SUCS Publicity Officer
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