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Hi Everybody, 

The first SUCS lightning talks of the year will be
taking place on Thursday 18th October at 6pm in the Robert Recorde room
in the Faraday building. 

Members give talks on a variety of topics.
The talks are about 5-10 minutes in length, and can be on any subject.
Any member is free to give a talk - if you're interested in doing so
then it would be helpful (but not mandatory) if you could let the exec
know in advance (exec at sucs.org [1]). This year we could potentially be
having some talks given by some CS lecturers 

A few of our earlier
talks are available online at http://sucs.org/Community/Talks [2] 

Halloween social will be the same deal as last year: Costume party at
the Vault (Costume optional). The facebook group is here [3] and there's
a link to The Vault on Google Streetview here [4]. 

If you have
questions about either of these events, just ask or drop an email to
exec at sucs.org [5]. 

SUCS Exec. 

mailto:exec at sucs.org
[2] http://sucs.org/Community/Talks
[5] mailto:exec at sucs.org
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