[SUCS] Nomination Results

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Mon Dec 2 18:00:12 GMT 2013

This morning's email was sent in error and should be disregarded.

Congratulations to Imran Hussain (~imranh) and Calum Mark Phillips 
(~nenenxi), our new president and secretary.

The position of treasurer is going to be contested between Edmund 
Merrow-Smith (~edmund) and Priyan Gami (~stig).

As there have been no complete nominations for publicity, nominations 
for that position will be extended till 9:00 on Thursday the 5th of 

Members interested in the post of publicity officer must expect to be 
student members for their entire term and need to be nominated by two 
other members in order to be a valid candidate. As this position is not 
constitutionally required, if no nominations are received voting will go 
ahead as scheduled.

The vote will now run from 23:59 on Friday the 6th of December till 
23:59 on the 13th of December. Announcements will be made as to the 
winner shortly afterwards.

If candidates could either email me their manifesto or place it online 
and email vote at sucs.org a link before the start date it would be 

Nick Corlett (~worldinsideme)

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