[SUCS] Elections 2013

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Mon Nov 11 18:20:43 GMT 2013

Hello all,

It's not quite that time again, but due to recent events leaving us 
with a severely depleted executive, it's time for elections!

It's up to you to help run the society!

Here's a quick run down of how things are going to work.

Nominations are now open for the following positions:

Publicity Officer

Nominations will close at midnight on the 29th of November. Nominations 
should be sent to vote at sucs.org .

If there are contested positions (and we hope there will be) Elections 
will be run from Midnight on the 2nd of December till Midnight on the 
13th. (The last day of term)

Quick reminder of the rules on who can vote and who can nominate:

Only people who are student members of the Society and have been 
members for the preceding 14 days may nominate candidates and be 
candidates. Candidates must have a reasonable expectation of being 
student members for the entire duration of their term (1st of January to 
the 31 December 2014). Candidates must have a nominator and a seconder 
who are not themselves.

Only student members who have been members for the 14 days preceding 
the opening of voting may vote.

The constitution is here for the curious or bored: 


Nick Corlett (worldinsideme), Returning Officer

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