[SUCS] StuRents is Recruiting

Imran Hussain imranh at sucs.org
Thu Aug 14 16:24:36 BST 2014

Hello everyone! Just got sent this email.

StuRents.com <https://StuRents.com> is a rapidly growing UK based 
startup looking to recruit young, ambitious and talented programmers to 
work full-time with us either in TechHub Manchester or in Google Campus 
in London.*I was hoping you could share the below with your computer 
society to see if any of your members are interested in this opportunity?*

We are looking for candidates to complete a fully paid 3 week 
internship, during which candidates will be assessed. Selection for the 
full-time position will be made from candidates who participate in the 
internship programme.

We would ask that CVs are sent to careers at StuRents.com 
<mailto:careers at StuRents.com>. Please see here for job details:


Summary of Prerequisites:

  * Good knowledge of PHP, JavaScript (inc jQuery), HTML, CSS (SASS), SQL
  * Working knowledge of Linux (specifically Debian flavoured) and git
  * Keep up to date with development practices and language advances

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