[SUCS] A Wild Newsletter Appears

Imran Hussain imranh at sucs.org
Thu Jan 30 10:49:51 GMT 2014

Hello everybody!

Welcome back, I hope everyone had a good Christmas break and a New 
Year. For those of you that had exams I hope they went well.

It is with great sadness that I must start this email with some bad 
news, for those of you that have not already heard, ~nenexi has had to 
step down from his position as secretary. We wish him all the best in 
his future endeavours.

This means it's time for elections again, well they would have already 
started by the time you read this. The election time line is as follows:

Nominations Open: 27/01/2014 00:00
Nominations Close: 07/02/2014 23:59
Voting Open: 10/02/2014 00:00
Voting Close: 14/02/2014 23:59

There's only roughly 7 days left to get your nominations in!

Some happier news, the desktops in the room are going through upgrades, 
both hardware and software. In terms of the software it's been done on 
all the machines. However this may leave us with some broken bits and 
some missing bits. If you find anything wrong with a desktop don't 
hesitate to bug your nearest member of the admin team or failing that 
send an email to admin at sucs.org and a team of highly trained monkeys 
shall be dispatched.

In regards of the hardware we are just finalising what we want to buy. 
Sorry I don't have an ETA on any of this yet.

I am also starting back up the Fridays at Jc's. For those of you who 
are uninformed this is just a SUCS member meet-up in JC's on Fridays at 
1PM for a general chat.

Our Minecraft server has also been brought back to life with ~rjames93 
working on a fancy train station... which currently goes nowhere.  Don't 
forget to check out other gaming stuff SUCS does over at 
https://games.sucs.org And if you have any suggestions as to what games 
servers you'd like to see SUCS host just drop an email at 
games at sucs.org.

If anybody has any ideas as to what they'd like to see happen within 
the society please send an email to 
tellmewhatyouwantwhatyoureallyreallywant at sucs.org (yes this is a real 
email address).

New secretary needed, vote at sucs.org
Desktop upgrades are happening!
Are things broken? admin at sucs.org
Fridays, 1PM, Jc's
Waste valuable time on Minecraft, server is at: games.sucs.org
Want something to happen? 
tellmewhatyouwantwhatyoureallyreallywant at sucs.org


Imran Hussain

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