[SUCS] Weekend Field Trip!

Imran Hussain imranh at sucs.org
Wed Aug 19 16:26:21 BST 2015


Something I've been involved with over the last year or so is the 
CompSoc UK Group, which is just a bunch of computer societies from 
different universities trying to work together to do stuff.

And guess what? We are doing a thing, a meetup at York (why York? 
Because it's just as much of a pita for everyone to get to). The meetup 
will consist of People, food, games (both board and computer), cake, a 
set of talks about various things, lunch, a mini-hackathon, curry and 

I need to know who is interested in going so I can get our places 
sorted in York.

Date: 23/10/2015 - 25/10/2015
Where: York university

Travel is going to be a tricky, I'm currently in talks with the SU to 
help us provide subsidised train tickets, they are currently £56 there 
and back, with a 6 hour journey each way. Hopefully we can provide some 
financial relief to members. I'm also looking at other means of travel 
but train seems to be the most likely option currently.

Sleeping; the current plan is that members will take some sleeping bags 
with them and we will sleep in one of the lecture rooms at York.

Any questions feel free to shoot me an email!

tl;dr cool shit in york, weekend of oct 23rd, wanna go? let me know

Imran Hussain

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