[UWSMC] FREE GIG- Beck's 21st Birthday ~ Mambo 16th Nov

uws mc uwsmc at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 8 18:13:33 GMT 2006

Hello Everyone!!

Next club social.....

For those few of you who don't already know......It's
my 21st birthday on Thurs 21st Nov (A week Thurs) and
to celebrate, you are ALL invited to come to....

Mambo, cafe/bar/lounge- on the Kingsway-(downstairs)
On Thursday 16th Novemeber, from 9pm onwards, where
there will also be a live band, Decora playing around
For those who want to you can check them out at

Anyway, it would be wicked to see you there :)

hopefully see you soon!!

Becks x

UWSMC Committee 

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