[UWSMC] This weeks Climbing.

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Tue Nov 14 19:27:17 GMT 2006

This Thursdays session is NOT going to be taking place
due to a social that Beck's has organised for her
The party is at Mambo's from 9. So we've given you the
session off so you don't come covered in chalk etc.
If you can come please do, it'll be a great way to
recover from the beer race if you're taking part, and
will make Becks happy...you only turn 21 once.

So just to recap:

Mambo's this Thursday (16th Nov)
Time: 9pm Onwards 
Band: Decora

If you don't know where Mambo's is it's on Kingsway,
and has a nice pink sign...i think


P.S:if you're going for fashionably late get there
before 10:30 as thats when the band should start.

UWSMC Committee 

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