[UWSMC] Andy Kirkpatrick talk and Dynamic Rock prices

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Mon Nov 27 10:21:31 GMT 2006

Hi everyone,

I don't know whether you've seen the notices in the
climbing centre but this Saturday (2nd December)
Dynamic Rock are hosting a talk by renowned climber
Andy Kirkpatrick.

The theme of the talk is "Aid Climbing", though
judging from the last talk of his I saw, the main
theme will be humour - Andy is one of the funniest
speakers I've seen in a while.

The talk will cost £9 (a bit steep I know but it's
worth it!), and tickets are available from Dynamic
Rock at any time.

The second thing to tell you about is that the price
of trips to Dynamic Rock is now being subsidised more
by the club, and will be £6 from now on (hopefully
dropping to £5 after Christmas).

That's all from me for now except for reminding you
once more about the Christmas Ball - book your place
as soon as possible!

UWSMC Committee 

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