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Tue Oct 10 23:34:14 BST 2006

Hey Guys,

If you've been to the dynamic rock trips I'm the one
that collects all your hard earned cash. Anyway, since
I was without the internet others were filling in for
me but I've got loads to tell you now.


Gower Trip: Sat 14th Oct. 9:15 Fulton House
The trip will cost £2.50 and there are limited spaces,
Sign up sheet is down the stairs just past "level 2
shop". It's the notice board on your right.

Wear warm clothes, bring lunch and whatever gear you
have. It's an outdoor trip so it's weather permitting.

Dynamic Rock: Mon 16th Oct. 5:15 Fulton House.
Usual deal. £7.50 and if you've been to the first two
trips let us know and you should be able to climb with
a partner without us holding your hands.

Right didn't want to clutter the info about the Gower
up to much earlier but it's for all levels of climber.
There will be a top rope up so don't worry about
knowing how to lead climb just yet. and have fun.


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Web: www.uwsmc.org.uk

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