[UWSMC] Update: Gear night and social

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Tue Oct 17 13:54:13 BST 2006

Hi everyone,

The AU have let us down for a minibus this weekend for
the gear night, so instead we're going to take cars.

To do this we need to have some sort of indication of
who wants to come, so if you're planning to come to
the gear night then please reply to this email. If you
have a car and want to come then even better - please
let us know if you're willing to give other people a
lift. The club will give you money for petrol costs if
you do.

Remember the gear night will have a good range of
discounted climbing gear and various kit package
offers. There will also be a bouldering competition
with male and female categories for beginners and
experienced members, complete with prizes. There will
also be some free drinks, so it's worth coming!

About the social - because of the popularity of the
first AU night it's probably worth buying your tickets
to Play in advance as it might be very busy or even
sold out on the night. You can get them from the ENTS
office in Fulton House any time, or possibly from SU
officers on the night.

Please do let us know whether you're coming to the
gear night, and don't forget - 8pm in JC's on
Wednesday for the social!

UWSMC Committee 

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