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Mon Oct 30 21:43:49 GMT 2006

Hi guys, 
A quick email about Bargoed, the sign up sheet is now
up, but it seems we might have to take cars there so
if any of you can drive and have a car it would be
cool if you'd   list it on the sign up sheet so we can
ask you about offering lifts to members less mobile.
The club will refund you your travel costs.

Also I mentioned that Bargoed offers an "official
test", this was wrong, the test is not official, but
is required to climb there.

Anyway, onto more fun stuff like the Portland trip.
Well done everyone who came to it, I hope you all had
a good time. The waterfront is looking for A.U
articles at the moment, so if you fancy writing one
let us know and you could get yourself published. If
you don't want to write a story but think you've got a
(or possibly more) really good photo(s) for an article
etc let us know. Who knows if we have good enough
photos we might get a cut out page or something cool
(they did sound quite willing to fill up space with
a.u stuff).
Also any good pictures would be good for the website
and thinking into the future next years freshers fair,
so please let us know.


UWSMC Committee 

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