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Sat Sep 30 19:51:22 BST 2006

I'm Jon, President of the club and firstly we'd like
to welcome you all to the University of Wales Swansea,
Mountaineering Club and say thank you for signing up!
We look forward to getting you know you all.

Check out our website for our Freshers Guide

So, our first trip/training session!
We are off to the Dynamic Rock Climbing Centre in
We have booked a coach, which is nearly full, as some
of you have already signed up. We'll be leaving Fulton
House at 5pm hopefully. So could you all be there for
4.45pm. For those of you that haven't paid as yet, the
trip will cost an $7.50, so for most of you thats an
additional £2.50. We should be back on campus at
10.30pm at the latest as it takes about 20 minutes to
get to the climbing centre. Bring your own gear if you
have it e.g climbing shoes, harness and belay plate.
Don't worry if you haven't got your own, we will lend
you them.
On Thursday we will be going to the University wall,
it will probably be fairly crowded this week, but
we'll make sure you all get a go! Its only £1.20. We
meet there at 7pm and leave at 9pm. For those of you
who are interested we normally go to JCs (the student
union) afterwards for a few drinks. If you don't know
where the sports centre is check out this map
Otherwise its in the building next to the swimming
pool, opposite side of the road to the hospital. If
you have any friends who want to join up, this would
be the best time to bring them, rather than on Monday.

Simon (the social sec) will e-mail you soon with
details of our first social!

Hopefullly see you all soon, 


UWSMC Committee 
Web: www.uwsmc.org.uk

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