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Fri Dec 5 13:25:36 GMT 2008

Dear all,

Due to slowness on our part and ordering problems at dynamic rock, club
clothing will now *not be available until after Xmas holidays*. Sorry about

If you have not paid for your clothing please see Dave next Monday or
Thursday. We do have climbing sessions in the last week so please come along
and have a final climb before the holidays.

Also last event of the year *'film night', next Tuesday 7.30 at 9 pantygwydr
Road, uplands*. A variety of films will be available (please being climbing
films if you have any). You are also welcome to being snacks or takeaway and
drinks. (COMMITTEE remember we have a meeting at 6).

Finally, thanks to everyone who came to last nights fun and games (photos on
our facebook sight). I hope you all had a great night (and are feeling as
rough as me!)

Thanks, Jacky

 SUMC Committee

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