[UWSMC] Hoodies. Again.

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Fri Feb 8 17:28:09 GMT 2008

Hey Guys
We are trying to get hoodies sorted. They are going to
cost about £21.99, but we obviously need to know how
many people want them, and what sizes. We are looking
at having four basic colours Green (tis a dark hue)
Red, Blue and Black.  The sizes are; XS = 36   S=38  
M=40   L=42-44   XL=46   2XL=48   3XL=50-52   4XL=54

Also, having seen the proposed design on the back (i
believe it was going to be last years) I think that we
could have a better one. If anyone has a better
design, then please send it to us, otherwise we will
have to stick with the one that we have got. 
So if everyone who wants one could email us with their
desired colour and size asap, as we are looking to get
these sorted out as soon as!

Many Thanks
Tom (Treasurer)

UWSMC Committee 
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