[UWSMC] Saturday Gower Trip & Social + HOODIES

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Mon Feb 25 23:46:00 GMT 2008

Hey all,

Just to let you all know there will be a trip to the
Gower THIS Saturday (1st of March). We won’t have a
minibus, so if people could bring cars then it would
be greatly appreciated (you of course will be
reimbursed for your troubles)

After the trip, we’re having our last social of this
term! We’re arranging another themed house crawl party
like as term which was really fantastic, so I hope you
will all join us again. Pictures of the last one are
on the website so have a look!! Details will be sent
out/posted on crag chat later (prob. On Wednesday)

As some of you are still interested in getting a
hoodie, I’m sending a final reminder!!!!  These are
you options:

Garment: Standard Hoodie or Zipped Hoodie (like a
jacket) - please indicate which one you want
Colour: Red, Black, Green (Dark), Blue (Dark)
Front Design (Standard): New Swansea Uni logo with
'Swansea Mountaineers' underneath
Back Design: Attached image (thanks to Stu for image)
WITH OR WITHOUT the '10 reasons why climbing is better
than sex' which can be found on crag chat under the
hoodies thread in the general discussion section
(please indicate if you want it on or off your order)
Left Shoulder: Dynamic Rock logo

We don’t know the exact prices, as the more orders we
have the cheaper it’ll be and Dynamic Rock are giving
us some sponsor money towards the hoodies. As a rough
estimate I’d say they be about £20

If you want one tell me by the end of TOMORROW

Von Doom

UWSMC Committee 
Web: http://www.uwsmc.org.uk
Forum: http://www.uwsmc.org.uk/cragchat

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