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Dear all

On Sunday the 1st of March Dynamic Rock are hosting the second round of
their winter bouldering series, those who went last time will know that it
was great fun and very popular. This time the youngsters will be starting an
hour earlier so their should not be quite as much of a crush!

Taken from the DR Website: The Series entitled "The Ruckus" will follow a
new format with climbers having 3hrs to attempt 30 problems!  Climbers will
mark themselves with more points being awarded for flash ascents. There will
be 3 rounds before the end of March and a climber's best two scores will be
taken forwards to give us our series results.All 3 rounds start at 12.00 and
will finish at 15.00 (although climbers may continue to climb afterwards).
The cost of each round will be £7.00. Please try to get in early so you are
ready to go at 12.00 to give yourself the best chance of completing as many
problems as possible.
*If you are interested please sign up on crag chat or make your own way
their. If you are competing at BUCS I would hope you will be going. Their
are a range of probelms of all grades so even if you are not 'in-to
bouldering' please come a long and give it a go. We will not be taking a
minibus, but their are normally enough cars!*


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