[SUMC] Portland Weekend - 23rd to 25th October

SUMC Committee sumc at sumc.org.uk
Tue Oct 13 15:44:01 BST 2009

Our first weekend away to Portland will take place in a couple of weeks.
Portland (near Weymouth) is one of the most popular sport climbing spots in
the country, and there are lots of routes from the easy to the very hard.
This makes it an ideal trip to come on if you're keen to get into outdoor
climbing.  To come on this trip, you will need to be competant at
belaying/tying in.  Most of you who've been coming regularly should be at
this stage by now.

Only basic details at the moment, but we'll be staying in a scout hut in
Weymouth and we'll leave around 17.00 on the Friday and retun late Sunday
evening.  Theres plenty of pictures/info about Portland Climbing if you do a
search on t'internet.  The cost is likely to be £25 for the weekend, will
confirm this.

Further details will be sent round later this week, probably on Friday, but
the sign up is available now, so feel free to put your name down.  Also put
what gear you need (ie: harness, belay plate, shoes, helmet) and whether you
can lead.

All the best

SUMC Committee

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