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Dear All,

For those of you who do not know SPA (single pitch award), its the
recognised award for rock climbing instructors in the UK for single pitch
climbing on indoor walls and outside rock. This means that you can be
employed as a rock climbing instructor to instruct anywhere in the UK.
However even if you do not want SPA, most people who are into their climbing
just do the training since it teaches you how to climb safely and I guess
using "official" techniques. It covers everything from setting up belays,
top ropes, abseiling, escaping the system in an emergency and everything you
need to know about leading a group outside. This is particularly useful with
university clubs as most members join the club as beginners. Training is the
first part of gaining your SPA and the training and assessment are separated
by at least 6 months to gain group experience (climbing with beginners on
club trips count). If you want SPA or want to be taught single pitch
climbing by a professional I thoroughly recommend this to you!

It is going to cost roughly £130 per person. The AU can't subsidise us this
year unfortunately. This is £85 for the training, £35 registration fee (you
will get your SPA logbook posted to you) and then £10 for transportation and
accommodation for 1 night (most likely to be camping - beer not included!).
It is being run on 27th and 28th February in Pembroke. You do not need to
have good ability or lots of experience since it is all about safety and
everything is taught, but you should be able to lead at least V-Diff or have
some experience seconding on outside rock.

This needs to be sorted out in at least 3 weeks in advance so I need to know
who is definitely coming by replying to this email and with your £85 paid to
the club by Friday! Paying to a committee member tonight or at the uni wall
on Thursday would be ideal. We need at least 4 people - if you drop out
after paying and we can't find anyone else to fill the spot a refund is

More details to follow.


SUMC Committee

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