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Wed Feb 10 09:53:14 GMT 2010

this year's easter trip will be to Scotland, most likely to the Isle of Skye
and the Ben Nevis area.  These areas have some of the best rock climbing in
the UK, thats quite unlike any other areas.  Easters the best time of year
to go, with (slightly!) better weather, and no midges...  At the moment,
we'd like to know whether people are seriously interested, and whether
they'd prefer to go before Easter weekend (sometime between 20th March -
31st), or after.
To come on the trip you'll need to have experience of outdoor climbing -
preferably an ability to lead trad.  You should also have experience of
mountain walking, and a basic level of fitness.  This is because most of the
climbing where we're going is on mountain crags.  Also, the plan is to camp,
so you'll have to be happy with roughing it for a week!  At a rough guess,
the cost of fuel and accomodation is likely to be £100+

So if you're interested, let us know what dates you'd prefer, and we'll then
decide on dates and send another email.

All the best

SUMC Committee

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