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Wed Feb 24 21:51:37 GMT 2010

Hey all,

Finally managed to get an order form for the club kit, so if you just follow
the link below, select what you want an fill it in, pretty simple.
if you get stuck, then just send us an email an i'll try and sort it for

As the club is going to make our own t-shirts [and cheaper] we've decided to
drop the polo shirt from the list, so now we have...
Hoody £28
Tracksuit bottoms, available in either AU colours[black] , Orange [cool], or
Wine Red [girly], £24
  s some people have had trouble accessing my facebook photos, where they
can be found, i've tried to attach the photos to this email, but no luck, so
if you can get to the photos, click here to get to my
if you have trouble finding the photos, just send me an eail and i'll sort

the deadline is still *1st March 2010* so be sure to put your orders in so
you don't miss out on our coolness!

you can access the Order For by Clicking

Have fun and see some of you on thursday and monday!xx

Ed x

SUMC Committee

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