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Hi Guys and Gals,

Just letting you know i haven't forgotten that i'm social sec, was planning
one for this week but we've been so hectic with all this climbing lark that
i've pushed it back a week, so here is the list of some of the most awesome
socials that we've got coming up, so you can save the dates in your diaries;

*Wednesday 3rd of November 7pm*: Fireworks, Sparklers and/or a bonfire on
the beach by the old bridge (almost exacty opposite the bay view pub- google
it or ask me if you're unsure), followed by a custom made SUMC pub quiz in
the bay view pub, with the option to finish the night in more pubs or to
join the rest of the lovely AU in idols/odyssey/general wind street madness.

*Tuesday 16th November, evening*: Movie night, location TBC but it will most
likely be at one of our houses, we'll watch some truly epic climbing movies,
and maybe a hollywood take on mountaineering such as the awesome/hilarious
Cliffhanger or Vertical Limit.

*Saturday 27th November*: karaoke (OH YES!) in JC's mainly because i want
to hear tom dudley and webber sing. unfortunately i can guarantee that
classics such as Whitney Houstons- How Will I Know, will be
ruined...probably by me. apologies in advance.

*Last week of term, possibly the 14th of December, exact date TBC*:
Christmass Ball, two words, TRULY EPIC. I'd like to suggest in advance the
best social of the year, a sit down meal (with lots of wine) at Oxwich Bay
hotel on Gower followed by a live band, a perfect way to end term and get
dressed up (i've already got my dress, sad? no, EXCITED!) tickets will be
around the £25 mark, covering transport and food (although nothing is
finalised yet so date and price could fluctuate slightly)

so, theres quite a few things to look forward to, don't forget we also
socialise after every climbing session on a monday and thursday, and usually
after most day trips too, thanks to everyone who came to the gower trip
today, i can safely say we all had a blast, was a lot of fun, perfect day
climbing in perfect weather finished off with perfect pub food, i <3 pub on
the pond. don't fret if you couldn't make it, keep an eye on the website for
all the trips coming up.

sorry for the essay, i'll email details of all socials closer to the time,
they'll also pop up on facebook.


Rosie x

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