[SUMC] Next wednesdays social and facebook/crag chat.

SUMC Committee sumc at sumc.org.uk
Fri Oct 29 10:58:53 BST 2010

Hi guys sorry for bombarding you with emails, we've had a busy week with
lots of things to organise.

if you weren't aware our next social is next wednesday the 3rd, we'll be
having a bonfire on the beach to celebrate bonefire night (2 days early)
then a climbing related pub quiz in the bay view pub with the option then to
head into town or whatever we want to do, if you fancy winning the challenge
you may need to brush up on your mountain knowledge! this social kicks off
at 7pm, obviously if its raining we'll skip the beach bit and just head
straight to the pub.

as more and more of you are becoming compatent climbers i've heard a few
people talking about organising other climbing trips as well as our regular
monday and thursday sessions, thats great! Dynamic rock offer student
discounts on a wednesday afternoon for a minimum of 6 climbers. can i
suggest using the facebook group and/or crag chat, simply write what days
and times you're free, if you're a car driver and where you would like to
go, hopefully you can find like minded (or at least similar timetabled!)
climbers to climb with.

thats it for now, see you monday for our dynamic rock session, same time as
ever 5.30pm, or wednesday for the social!


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