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Hi everyone

Firstly welcome to SUMC this year! My name is Matt Everett Im the president
this year, those in the club last year probably have no idea who I am still
so I guess that puts everyone in the same boat. Anyway please take some time
to read this E-mail as it's got a lot of information in it.

We've got loads planned for this coming year from climbing trips, to gear
nights to socials. We've got an outline up on the website at the moment
(finer details are being sorted in the next few days) Ill explain the
website in the next section though. However much you want to come to is up
to you, however the only thing I ask is that if you've signed up to an event
and last minute circumstances prevent you from attending, please notify us
so we can replace you ASAP. The last thing we need is booking accomodation
for 25 people and only 20 people turn up...

The website for those not visited yet is: www.sumc.org.uk Have a look around
and sign up to it (takes about a minute). For any of the trips we hold
(including indoor trips) we use a Sign-up Sheet (click on events). This sign
up sheet is limited based on the trip and its a first come first served
basis. Obviously what I said before about signing up and not turning up
results in empty places that could have been filled so please let us know if
you're not going to turn up so we can contact those on the reserves list. To
sign up to an event, all you have to do is log in to the website and then
click on the sign up button next to the event, fill out the details and
click OK.

Other places of interest on the website are the about us pages and the
resource pages. Handy to know a bit of information (even if its just the
terminology used!) before heading out. The crag chat is also useful and acts
as SUMC's forum.

There's alot more I want to go through with you all but I don't want to
bombard you with information (and I want to go to the pub) so I'll finish
off by giving off a few dates and times over the next week:

For those of you who have already paid and joined SUMC, the first dynamic
rock trip is on Monday (tomorrow). Meet outside Fulton house at 5:30pm with
£10. You'll need suitable clothing (IE something that gives you a lot of
movement and isn't too loose fitting) and maybe some extra money if you want
to use the cafe facilities.

For those who haven't paid (and those who have) you can come along to the
first of our two taster sessions at the uni wall on Thursday. We meet at 7pm
at the sports centre reception at a price of £1.50. As we only have club
shoes and a large number of climbers turning up, its recommended that you
wear some tight fitting shoes in case we don't have your size or don't have
enough of your size to go around. Again, wear suitable clothing.

Our first outdoor trip (the exciting bit) is at Fall bay in Rhosilli on
Saturday the 15th October. It will be an all day outdoor session (so long as
the weather is good) followed by a pub on the pond for drinks/food/banter.
Details of this will follow but again, this will be open to only those who
have paid + signed up.

If anyone has additional membership details such as AU numbers/student
numbers then please reply with your name and details. Otherwise I'll see you
on Monday / Thursday


Matt Ev

SUMC Committee

Web: http://www.sumc.org.uk
Forum: http://www.sumc.org.uk/cragchat

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