[SUMC] Dynamic rock last night and next events

SUMC Committee sumc at sumc.org.uk
Tue Oct 4 12:44:45 BST 2011

Hi guys

Thanks to all who turned up yesterday for a great first trip indoors to 
dynamic rock. Everyone had a great time and we all got lots of climbing 
and bouldering done. For those who didn't make it, then don't panic as 
these happen every Monday so feel free to come along to the next one on 

We go to Dynamic Rock via a coach which we hire off the AU at a 'per 
person' rate. We are charged a minimum cost for the the coach so if we 
don't get the minimum numbers, club funds have to pay the rest. So if 
the minimum is 35 people, and only 30 get on the coach, we are charged 
for 35. Over the year of trips, this will add up to a considerable 
amount which will ultimately mean the club can't put as much money 
towards trips so you guys will have to pay more (and nobody wants that!)

Therefore if people are turning up at dynamic rock at their own accord, 
they won't be allowed in at the discounted rate! If the coach is filled, 
only then will we consider using cars. I understand there was confusion 
yesterday with cars which is fine as problems always occur on the first 
trip, but from now on if you can head to uni and wait outside fulton 
house to see if the coach is filled, and then we can start organising 
cars. If you have any real problems (ie lectures till 7) then send me an 
E-mail and we'll sort something out.

I know a lot of people have lectures at 5 (including myself) but so long 
as you come straight from your lecture to the coach you can still make 
it in time. I know its not ideal, but unfortunately if we leave any 
later then the trip wouldn't be as enjoyable.

People who haven't yet paid SUMC membership can meet us at the uni wall 
on the Thursday taster session at the Sports centre from 7:00pm onwards. 
We also need AU transaction numbers or hopefully by then, AU card 
numbers (AU cards are available on Wednesday in Divas from 11-3)

Last reminder, the first social is TOMORROW night down wind street. 
We're meeting at Yates at 8:30pm and its NOT fancy dress anymore. It'll 
be a great night to talk to everyone from all uni disciplines and 
climbing experiances, but mostly it's a pissup.

Anyway thats all for now, see you on Wednesday night


Matt Ev

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