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Sat Oct 22 19:04:48 BST 2011

Hello everyone,
         This is a heads up e-mail that the bouldering team tryouts will
take place a week monday the 31st (same night as gear night).
This will give everyone a chance to compete and possibly wearing your nice
new shoes to help you send it harder!

The format of the evening will be arrive at 6:30 as usual and then you will
have a little bit of time to warm yourself up etc there will be a 2 hour
window from 7:30 till 9:30 to complete the 10 routes I will assign as the
competition routes.

You will recieve 10 points for a flash assent (first try)
7 points for a 2 attempt assent
3points for a third attempt assent
0points thereafter (so complete the other routes before trying again to
conserve you energy and maximise your score!)

There is no practice time in the bouldering room beforehand and I will be
talking to Dynamic to try and have them set the routes the evening before to
make cheating very very hard for you all! (not that i'd expect such
behaviour from such upstanding individuals!)

the grades of the climbs included will range from VB up to V8 or possibly V9
(remember these are very tough grades so I'd be very surprised if anyone
achieves a clean score)

Lastly there are going to be 9 places on the team up for grabs, this allows
us a 1st squad and 2nd squad with 3 people as reserves. If you are
successful and happy to join the squad we will be training a few times a
week (2 minimum). Some of this training will be under Simon Rawlinson's
expert eye! (he is a fantastic coach and the manager at dynamic rock) feel

So get training!

Nick Foulds
SUMC Training Officer

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