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Fri Oct 28 15:45:22 BST 2011


We all know the concept of pub golf; drink lots and have a cracking good
night :) :) :)

The course:
(Start) JCs - Lager (Pint)
Rhyddings Hotel - Vodka Mixer
The Cricketer’s - Alco pop
The Mill - Small wine
Bryn-y-mor - Cider (Pint)
The Potter’s Wheel - Shots
Pitcher and piano - Cocktail
Bank Statement - Tequila Slammer
(End) Revolution - Fish Bowl (2 people)

Of course if you don't want to take part in the Pub Golf, still turn up and
laugh at us falling all over the place. Everyone is invited!

Yes it is FANCY DRESS (if you're not taking part, do what you like)

So meet in JCs at 8:00 where you'll be given the 'score' sheets and we'll go
from there :D


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