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Sat Oct 29 21:40:18 BST 2011

Hi guys

It was a very average day out today but despite terrible forecasts we
managed to squeeze in a couple of climbs at Three Tors before deciding we
were pushing our luck. An hour later, we were right, so well timed guys and
thanks for coming!

As always we had a couple of issues I'd like to try sort out now, the main
one is being the sign up sheets. We still had someone (again) sign up and
not turn up or E-mail us to let us know hence someone missed out on the trip
today. In future, please cancel yourself early!!!!!
Secondly the sign up sheet requirements seemed to cause confusion as to the
options available that you can tick. Heres a breakdown of some of them:

*Sign up sheet options*
*Double ropes, Single ropes, Trad rack, Quickdraws* - The vast majority of
you guys will never need to tick this. If you tick this it means that you
want us to bring this stuff for you. The leaders will designate which type
of ropes they want to bring, so you don't need to worry about that.

*Harness, belay device, helmet* - Tick whichever of these you haven't got
and would like us to bring.

*Any other requirements* - Any specifics such as shoes (and a size would be
helpful ;) ) or other equipment or just notes.

*Minibus owner, car driver, tent owner* - NO ONE is a minibus driver im
afraid unless they have the correct license and own their own minibus. If
you are a car driver, have a car, want to and can drive for this trip tick
this box! Doesn't necessarily mean you'll be driving but its handy to have
too many than too few. Tent owner is only used for camping trips.

*Seconder only, Sport lead, Sport/Trad* - Only tick these if you know what
they mean and they apply to you.

*Preferred Partner* - If you want to climb with someone in particular let us
know, but be warned this isn't a dibs box and we can't always satisfy this
(but we do try).

Particularly as the peaks is coming up, if you guys can let us EXACTLY what
you need, that'd be great. Also if you want to change your requirements
(such as, sign up for the peaks trip, and then go to gear night and buy your
own kit) then if you cancel yourself, then re-sign up with the right info
you WON'T lose your place. Very handy tool!

*A reminder the peaks sign up sheet opens tomorrow at 5:00pm *so get in
quick! Also the usual (now cheaper) dynamic rock trip is still on Monday,
same time same place (5:30pm at Fulton house), but this week's trip is gear
night and bouldering night! Remember to bring CASH not CARD! If you can't
make it to gear night and you really want something, try to organise a
friend to buy it for you, but if you still can't let me know and I'll see if
they'll keep hold of it till later.

Thats all for now chaps

Matt Ev

SUMC Committee

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