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A reminder to those wanting to come to Three cliffs on Saturday to sign up
ASAP before the sign up sheet closes. The weathers looking good but going
to be a chilly one, so remember your layers!

We now have plenty more drivers so the sign up sheet has been extended to
20 people so there are still spaces left for those wanting to attend. We're
meeting at fulton house at *8:50am* to LEAVE sharpish at 9:00am as tides
are pretty good, we'll be getting back around *6:30pm*. Trip cost is back
to *£5*. Usual pub on the pond afterwards too.

Your kit list is as follows:

Sensible climbing clothes *IE NOT JEANS*!!!!!!!!!!!
Warm clothing
Approach shoes/boots for the walk in
Hats + Gloves (Optional)
Head torch (Optional)

For those who've not been before, 3 cliffs is on the beach so expect sandy
shoes afterwards. Its got plenty of mods, diffs and v diffs so for those
who've just learnt to lead its a great place to get started.

Finally don't forget the SUMC pub quiz is tonight in JC's at 8:00pm around
the coffee side. Questions are going to be tough so you might be needed in
your team to answer them!

In a bizzle

Matt Ev

SUMC Committee

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