[SUMC] V9 bouldering competition this Saturday!

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Sun Feb 12 12:48:49 GMT 2012

Attention all boulderers!!!! (team or otherwise)
Ive had an E-mail from the guys at V9 bouldering (a bouldering centre in
Treforest) telling us they have a south wales uni competition happening
THIS SATURDAY coming - 18th February. Similar in format to the Boulders
competition, the 4 categories are freshers (male/female) and everyone else

Now it won't be run as an official club trip so transport costs will be
attributed to your mode of transport. IE if you get in a car with someone
you'll split the costs amongst the people in car, buy your own train
tickets, bus tickets etc. The entry fee to the comp is £6. The competition
will be filmed by HD rocks who are documenting the comp and prizes will be
cash related. Its looking like a good event IMO...
If anyone is interested, Ill be opening a sign up sheet for it today, so
just stick your name down and whether you can drive or not. Ill pick this
up with Nick when he's back to see if a greyhound/train service would be
worth doing too.

Matt Ev

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