[SUMC] Final reminder - V9 bouldering on Saturday

SUMC Committee sumc at sumc.org.uk
Thu Feb 16 16:09:03 GMT 2012

'sup all.

This is a final reminder for those wanting to attend the V9 bouldering
competition this weekend to sign up asap. This is an unofficial club trip
and will be relying on drivers, currently me, Neil and Felix if need be. If
these places are taken I'm afraid there's nothing we can do, so turn up on
time please!

If reserves want to chance it, they can turn up in the morning too to try
and get a place in a car from last minute drop outs, but again there's
still a chance there won't be any! Please notify as many people as possible
if you're dropping out last minute so we aren't waiting around for you....

*Now the details:*

Meeting at *8:30am at Fulton House* and leaving ASAP. The comp finishes at
4, but after scores are counted up I'd imagine we could be getting back to
Swansea at *6:30pm* if rush hour traffic gets bad.

*Kit required*
Climbing shoes
Chalk bag/bucket
Suitable bouldering clothes
Money (its £6 to enter the competition + £5 each (ish) in fuel)

I think thats everything, if anyone has any questions ping me an E-mail.
Otherwise see you on Saturday

Matt Ev

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