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Wed Feb 22 11:03:20 GMT 2012

Hi all. No naval stuff this time sorry.

This Saturday as Im sure you're all aware, we have 2 events occuring: The
leading competition in Boulders, and the day trip to Box Bay. Here I've
summarised the details of both.

*Leading competition*
If the sign up sheet is correct still, there are 4 of you going. If anyone
else wants to attend, please sign up ASAP! The comp is taking place at
in Cardiff*, entry costs *£8* and the times are *10:00 until 18:00ish*.
Transport (as far as Im aware) is the same as last time, the greyhound bus
service and a friendly connection from the Cardiff uni guys. Any queries
about this contact Nick Foulds!

We haven't got full details, but I imagine you will *need your own rope* or
borrow one off someone who's there. As the box bay trip is the official
club trip of the weekend it takes priority gear wise hence club ropes may
not be available. However looking at the sign up no ones currently asked
for a rope so thats not a problem anyway.

*Kit list*
Suitable climbing clothing, IE NOT JEANS!!!
Chalk bag
Single Rope (50m is fine)
Belay device
Food + Drink (although Boulders does have a cafe if you forget)

Any further queries, can you ping the committee an E-mail please.

*Box bay*
The weekends trip is to *Box bay* in Ogmore. Trip cost is *£5* and we're
leaving *Fulton house at 09:15*. We should get back to *Fulton house for
18:30* before grabbing some food at pub on the pond. Currently the weather
forecast is dry, but if usual club weather prevails expect rain - wet
weather option is indoors. The crag is suited to experianced leaders and
new leaders alike, so those who turned up for the learn to lead day can get
some practice in!

*Kit list*
Suitable climbing clothes. IE NOT JEANS!!!
Belay device
Climbing Shoes
Approach shoes for the walk in
Warm clothes
Hat and gloves (optional)

*Please make sure your sign up is accurate.* Ive already amended one entry
that was pretty interesting.... If you went to the learn to lead trad day
trip to Morlais (or youre an experianced, old person), ONLY you can request
leading equipment and ropes. Please don't think that by ticking everything
you're covering all bases, as we simply won't give you it! Also bare in
mind Joe's pyschic powers don't exist, so unless its obvious what you want
and what size you want, he'll just guess what you want and it'll probably
be wrong.

Thats all for now

Matt Ev

SUMC Committee

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