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Happy new year! Hope you all had a good one.

In an attempt to avoid revision, I though I'd clarify the details of the
Easter trip to Spain. As this is a non UK trip theres a lot more to
organise than usual so please take some time to read below if you're
interested in coming.

First and foremost this trip is still open to everyone but you must be
COMPLETELY committed to going, and an independant climber (see below). As
this trip is pretty much a one off (last trip to Spain was 2009 I believe)
and will cost a lot of money, Im sure you can imagine that everyone going
will want to enjoy their time as much as possible. So this means you must
be able to:

a) Lead sport outdoors (and you trust your climbing partner to belay you)
b) Lead belay (and your climbing partner trusts you to)
c) Pre-organise a climbing partner *BEFORE* you get there
d) Book your *OWN* flights or transport to Spain (we will tell you where
we're going don't worry). We'll of course give you websites we've used and
best prices etc, but we're not booking it for you!
e) Have your own climbing equipment (or equipment between you and your
f) Be prepared to hire a car and drive (if you can). I'll probably be
driving and I don't want to spend my holiday taxiing people to crags...
This may also require pre-arranging whos in whos car
g) Sort out all other little bits yourself, IE food, euros, insurance,
sleeping stuff etc.

I know it sounds a little harsh, but this year we wanted to do something
different and a bit more exciting and unfortunately this comes at a cost.
Its not hard to sort out the above and we will give you advice but once its
all organised it'll be a great trip to remember and reduce 'epic'
likelihood significantly!

With regards to those who can't lead sport (or those who can but haven't
outside) we will run some classes to teach you and these may be quite
regular and attendance is required! Outside sport climbs dont have lovely
screwgates to clip into and lower off from unless you're lucky...

We're still finalising accommodation, finding somewhere bigger than 6
people, but you can start organising the other stuff and saving moneys now!
Once we have accommodation, we'll let you guys know and we can start
booking flights.

If you have any questions feel free to send them my way

Tata for now

Matt Ev

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