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Mon Nov 5 09:15:23 GMT 2012

Dear Beautiful SUMC Members,

To all those who came on the Peak District weekend, thanks for coming and I
hope you enjoyed the Grit!

If you missed out on this trip then do not despair! Our North Wales weekend
away is coming up on the *16th-18th of November*. Of course if you were on
the Peaks trip you are also very welcome to sign up. Sign up will open on
the website tomorrow (tuesday) morning at 10am, make sure you list any
equipment you need (like helmet, harness, shoes including size, and belay
device).The trip will cost* £35* and this needs to be paid to Matt Riordan
by* Monday the 12th November*. There are only 16 places on this trip so
make sure you sign up early if you want to go! The trip is very likely to
be COLD and WET, so make sure you're up for climbing in the rain or going
hiking or scrambling instead.

In other news, *Film Night* is tomorrow evening! We will be watching
climbing films, grabbing drinks from JC's and marvelling at the crazy
shizzle that those pro climbers get up to. It starts at 8pm, the location
being confirmed later today on the facebook event page. Bring friends and

See you later if you're coming tonight,

SUMC Committee

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