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My Dearest Climbers,

Thanks to all you who came to North Wales last weekend! I think we can all
agree it was a pretty epic trip :P Also, tonight is the Bouldering Team
try-outs, so make sure you come along if you're interested in competing for
Swansea in BUCS in February then you must attend tonight's session!

The next opportunity to get climbing is this weekend! We will be
transporting ourselves to inland crag Morlais on Saturday (24th), which
offers a range of grades from diff to E1 and the opportunity to wriggle
your way through 'Badger Violation Cave'. This trip will cost £5 and we
will be meeting outside Fulton house at 8:30 am. Of course if it is tipping
it down then we shall not force ourselves to go slipping about the rock in
the rain but instead shall head to the Summit Centre near Cardiff which has
400+ routes! Sign up opens tomorrow (Tuesday 20th) at 10:00am.
*You will need to bring:*

   - Harness
   - Helmet
   - Climbing shoes
   - Belay Device
   - Lunch/Snacks
   - Water Bottle
   - Warm Clothes (lots of layers)
   - Waterproofs (Preferably jacket and trousers)
   - Sensible shoes
   - A rucksack to put it all in

Remember that club clothing is currently on sale, and you need to get your
orders and your money in by Thursday. This stuff looks pretty good and is
great to climb in, so get your orders in before it's too late!

Also the HANDS DOWN BEST SOCIAL OF THE YEAR is coming up fast, the
Christmas Ball on the 13th December. This is in the beautiful King Arthur
Hotel on Gower, and we shall spend the night bantering with the Hikers,
eating a christmas dinner, making frequent trips to the bar and
clearing the dance floor with crazy dance moves (or at least I
shall!). Tickets should be on sale this week from Clare Garside and will
cost £25. Plus ones and Club alumni are also welcome.

Thanks for reading,


SUMC Committee

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